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The Crown (trailers) - Netflix

Big Little Lies (promos) - HBO

Mulan (2020) (trailers) - Walt Disney Pictures

Straight Outta Compton (original song/ soundtrack) -  Universal  Pictures

Straight Outta Compton (trailers/ tv spots/ promos) - Universal Pictures

Silence (trailers) - Paramount Pictures

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship (various shows- score and  promos)

Downhill  (trailers) - Fox Searchlight Pictures

Antebellum (trailers) - Lionsgate

Yesterday (trailers) - Universal Pictures

Wild (trailers)- Fox Searchlight Pictures

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (trailers) -  DisneyPictures

Neighbors (tv spots) - Universal Pictures

Wake Me Up (film score) - Phoenexus Pictures

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (trailers) - Warner Brothers Pictures

Insidious: Chapter 2 (trailers) - Film District

Argo (tv spots) - Warner Brothers Pictures

Mama (trailers) - Universal Pictures

Seberg (tv spot) - Amazon

US (trailers) - Universal Pictures

Dark Phoenix (trailers) - Twentieth Century Fox

Running with Beto (trailers) - HBO

Jojo Rabbit  (trailers) - Fox Searchlight Pictures

Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark (trailers) - Lionsgate

Glass (trailers) - Universal Pictures

Pet Sematary (trailers) - Paramount Pictures

Velvet Buzzsaw (trailers) - Netflix

Overlord (trailers) - Paramount Pictures

Truth or Dare (trailers) - Universal Pictures

The Grinch (trailers) - Universal Pictures

Lizzie (trailers) - Saban Films

Wind River (trailers) - The Weinstein Company

Annabelle 2 (trailers) - Warner Brothers

Suburbicon (trailers) - Paramount Pictures

Mother! (tv spots) - Paramount Pictures

Boss Baby (trailers) - 20th Century Fox 

Trust (promo) - FX

The Accountant (trailers) - Warner Brothers

​Alien: Covenant (tv spots) - 20th Century Fox

The Girl on the Train (trailers) - Universal Pictures

It (trailers) - New Line Cinema

Queen of Katwe (trailers) - Disney Pictures

Despicable Me 3 (trailers) - Universal Pictures

Don't Breathe (trailers) - Sony Pictures 

Ghost In The Shell (trailers) - Paramount Pictures

Birth of a Nation (trailers)- Fox Searchlight Pictures

Allied (trailers) - Paramount Pictures

The Shallows (trailers) - Sony Pictures

The Accountant (trailers) - Warner Brothers

Split (trailers) - Universal Pictures

Bleed for This (trailers) - Sony Pictures

​10 Cloverfield Lane (trailers) - Paramount Pictures

Death Race 4 (trailers) - Universal Pictures

Sing (trailers) - Universal Pictures

All Eyez On Me (trailers, promo) - Morgan Creek

The Conjuring 2 (trailers) - New Line Cinema

Ash vs Evil Dead (tv spots) - STARZ

Hardcore Henry (trailers) - STX Entertainment

​The Big Short (trailers) - Paramount Pictures

Black Mass (trailers) - Warner Brothers

Vinyl (tv spots) - HBO

Steve Jobs (trailers) - Universal Pictures

Midnight Special (trailers) - Warner Brothers

Krampus (trailers) - Universal Pictures

Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass (trailers) - Disney Pictures

Cinderella (trailers) - Disney Pictures

Paranormal Activity 4 (trailers) - Paramount Pictures

The Rite (trailers) - Warner Brothers Pictures

Paranormal Activity 2 (trailers) - Paramount Pictures

Inception (tv spots) - Warner Brothers Pictures

127 Hours (trailers) - 20th Century Fox

Let Me In (trailers) - Overture Films

Predator (trailers) - 20th Century Fox

Baywatch Nights (original song / on screen performance) - The  Baywatch Company

Splice (trailers) - Warner Bros Pictures

The Crazies (trailers) - Overture Films

Youth In Revolt (trailers) - The Weinstein Company

Pandorum (trailers) -  Overture Films

Becoming Jane (trailers) - Miramax

Borat (tv spots) - 20th Century Fox

Mission Impossible III (tv spots) - Paramount

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (trailers/feat. performance) - New Line

Finding Neverland (trailers) - Miramax

Bring It On 3 (additional film score) - Universal

Alpha Dog (trailers) - New Line

Aquamarine (tv spots) - 20th Century Fox

Cars (teaser trailers) - Walt Disney Pictures

Boogeyman (trailers) - Sony Pictures

The Amityville Horror (teasers) - MGM

The Amityville Horror (trailers) - MGM

Cold Mountain (tv spots) - Miramax

The Jacket (trailers) - Warner Brothers Pictures

Exorcist: The Beginning (trailers) - Warner Brothers Pictures

Austin Powers: Int'l Man Of Mystery (song/ soundtrack) - New Line

Dawn Of The Dead (trailers) - Universal

Walk The Line (tv spots) - 20th Century Fox

In Her Shoes (tv spots) - 20th Century Fox

The Prince And Me (trailers) - Paramount

I, Robot (trailers, tv spots) - 20th Century Fox

War Of The Worlds (tv spots) - Paramount

The Skeleton Key (trailers) - Universal

The Hitcher (trailers) - Rouge Pictures

Silent Hill (trailers) - Sony Pictures

When A Stranger Calls (trailers) - Sony Pictures

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (trailers) - Sony Pictures

Vacancy (trailers) - Sony Pictures

Wanted Ted Or Alive (underscore) - Versus TV

Blowout (Season 1 underscore) - Bravo

Celebrity Fit Club (custom score, underscore) - VH1

Spying On Myself (promo music) - A&E

Jack And Bobby (promo music) - WB

Family Business (underscore) - Showtime

Surviving Nugent (various cues) - VH1

Modern Girls Guide (various cues) - Style

Dress My Nest (various cues) - Style

Shooting Sizemore (various cues) - VH1

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